To address the complex issues surrounding getting research into the policy arena in January 2001, the 'Opportunities and Choices' and 'Safe Passages' Knowledge Programmes (University of Southampton), Frontiers in Reproductive Health (FRONTIERS) Program (Population Council) and John Snow International (JSI) conducted a two-day workshop at the University of Southampton to provide a forum for exchanging experiences on these issues.

To assist you in navigating through the web site, here is a summary of the key areas:

BACKGROUND The background to the Workshop ‘Getting research into Policy’ including the aims of the workshop.

DAY ONE From this section you can access all of the PowerPoint presentations made on the first day of the workshop and a resume of each speakers presentations.

DAY TWO This section presents the conclusions of the three working groups.  These working groups examined the following; improving the dissemination of research, guidelines to maximise the utilisation of research by policy makers, and finally, methods for evaluating research.  Day two also contains a summary of the next steps following the workshop.

KEY ISSUES This section contains the summary document resulting from the workshop.

DISCUSSION BOARD This includes on-line access to a virtual conferencing facility and is currently open to a limited number of participants.  Their comments will be incorporated into the discussion paper before it is circulated to a wider audience.

For further information please contact Juliet McEachran or Ian Askew